Aggregates, Interfaces and Materials
for Energy
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Team Presentation

Agrégats, Interfaces et Matériaux pour l'Energie
(ICGM - UMR CNRS 5253)
Director: Professor Jerzy ZAJAC
Institut Charles Gerhardt de Montpellier
Institut Carnot Chimie Balard
Université Montpellier - CNRS
AIME is part of the "Chemistry of Solids and Divided Matter" department of ICGM


The team "Aggregates, Interfaces and Materials for Energy" (AIME) associates competence in innovative synthesis routes to hierarchical materials with tailored architecture and in surface reactivity and the chemistry of interfaces, with complementary theoretical and experimental approaches applied to energy storage and conversion and environmental remediation processes ... -> Read More
  • Poste AI CNRS BAP C Assistant en instrumentation scientifique et techniques expĂ©rimentales
  • Un poste AI CNRS BAP C Assistant en instrumentation scientifique et techniques expĂ©rimentales est ouvert en mutation interne (NOEMI) Ă  l’Ă©quipe AIME de l’ICGM. DĂ©pĂ´t de candidatures avant le 27 mai 2016 pour une prise de fonction au 1er octobre 2016.

    Description du poste!consult.liste_AFIP dans les rubriques (DR13 / BAP C / AI).

  • ELEN2016 - 22-24 June 2016
  • The 2016 edition of ELectrospinning for ENergy conference (ELEN 2016) is specifically oriented to the application of nanofibres issued from electrospinning in energy conversion and storage devices. This conference will give the opportunity of exchange between researchers, students and engineers from both academia and industry on recent advances and drawback solutions associated with electrospinning and its application in energy devices.

    A special session will be dedicated to the COST Action MP1206 on Electrospun nano-fibres for bio inspired composite materials and innovative industrial applications.

    The topics covered in the conference will include:
    - Advances in the preparation of 1D materials by electrospinning
    - Electrospun materials for high and low temperature fuel cells
    - Electrospun materials for hydrogen production/storage
    - Electrospun materials for batteries
    - Electrospun materials for solar cells
    - Electrospun materials for supercapacitors
    - Characterisation methods/tools


  • PhD Position - Nanostructured hybrid ionomer membranes for hydrogen PEMFC
  • Group: ICGM- AIME
    Position type : PhD Student
    PhD title :Nanostructured hybrid ionomer membranes for hydrogen PEMFC}
    Starting date :September 2016
    Duration : 3 years
    Contact : Sara Cavaliere and Melanie Taillades-Jacquin
    Detailed Information:

    PDF - 123.9 kb
    English description
    PDF - 150.3 kb
    French description

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  • ELEN2016 - June 2016
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